BabyRiki Summer Carnival

2018-08-08 17:47

Long summer vacation

Rui Xiaoqi must come to engage in a wave of things!

BabyRiki Summer Carnival

Free family and family experience

The event began to recruit!

Time: 8 Yue 2 Ri to 9 Yue 20 Ri

Event theme: BabyRiki Summer Carnival

Recruitment target: 3-6 year old parent-child family

Venue: Taiyue Hall , 1st Floor, Yinxi City, Xixi, Hangzhou

( 588 , Shuanglong Street , Xihu District, Hangzhou )

Activity Benefits: Free access to the value of 108 yuan BabyRikiTheme Park tickets 3 ( 2 large and 1 small)

Next, follow the steps of Rui Xiaoqi and come and visit together!

Mysterious Box, Happy Shachi

Drill into the mysterious box

Open the door to explore the world of BabyRiki

Have fun in the fun sand pool

BabyRiki Adventure Island

What secrets are hidden in the mysterious adventure island?

Brave little explorers

Start your adventure!

BabyRiki jumps with me

Dynamic music, cheerful beats

Twisting, kicking and kicking

Finally, turn around again.

Join BabyRiki and dance together!

Colorful wave pool

Are you tired?

Come to the colorful wave pool for a moment ~

Put a few POSE , in full ball ball pool in

Leave some color memories!

DIY Creative Classroom

Play and play together

Click on the big screen

Choose your favorite scene coloring card

Complete the masterpiece of art!

Childlike shop

Welcome to Tongxin Store

A wide range of BabyRiki products

Let's take it home with a lovely one!

Surprise Eggs: Shopping points and opportunities to redeem surprise packages!

Lewei Nutritional Supply Station

Have fun too much, lack of energy?

Come and recharge your energy at the nutritional supplement station!

Delicious and healthy Lakto taste Continental cheese

Add extra points for your baby's vitality!

PS: On-site scanning code pays attention to the public number, and can also receive fresh cheese worth 50 yuan for free ! Limited quantity, first come first served ~

Re-emphasize again

Only 10 places

And is! free! Sign up!

If you successfully get a free experience, you need to complete the following two tasks:

· Photographs of 4 rides: Take photos of children in 4 rides, 3-5 , with clear and true quality

· Video capture of 2 amusement projects : shooting the video of the child in 2 amusement projects, no less than 30 seconds, the picture is clear and true

Registration channel: Add Rui Xiaoqi micro signal: babyriki2017 , remarks: registration. You can participate in the event!