BabyRiki toys available in Hamleys

Earlier this month, the BabyRiki toys produced by toys manufacturer KingBee made their debut in the Hamleys Beijing Flagship Store. The toys are based on the beloved children’s animation series, which has amassed over 1.5 billion views since its launch on Mainland Chinese streaming platforms last year. BabyRiki is recognized worldwide for its creative union between entertaining stories and age-appropriate life lessons. The musical stories are introduced in familiar contexts for preschoolers and promote the (4Cs) skills that also inspired the BabyRiki toys: Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Cooperation. Over thirty SKUs in the BabyRiki line are now available to purchase. Hamleys Brand Marketing Manager Yao said at the launch ceremony: “We are very pleased to be the exclusive partner for the launch of the BabyRiki toy line in China. I look forward to further collaboration between Hamleys and BabyRiki.”

After the success of the Beijing opening ceremony at Hamleys, BabyRiki will next launch in the new Hamleys HangZhou Store.