King Bee Toys Brand Conference 2019

Along with the appearance of King Bee toys in the 31st Guangzhou international toy exhibition, on April 9, 2019, the promotion meeting of multi-brand with the theme of "focus on IP, win and create brilliance" was successfully held in the Westin Pazhou. FUN Union CEO Diana Yurinova, BabyRiki fans, Guangdong toy association President Mr. Li zhuoming attended the event.

Diana Yurinova, CEO of FUN Union, which manages the business in China and international markets, introduced the 4Q growth code education concept contained in BabyRiki to the guests. "It is carefully designed by international early education experts around the four aspects of IQ cognitive exploration, EQ emotional social interaction, AQ art creation and MQ sports schedule. Each episode lasts for 5 minutes and is divided into two parts: "story + children's song". Each episode contains a point of knowledge, and through the interesting plot and vivid lyrics to show, to help children in the imperceptible acquisition of knowledge.

Now, whenever I have time, I watch BabyRiki with my kids. Songlin said that she and her child are both big fans and she would like to recommend BabyRiki to more people around her.

Mr. Tang chengzheng Shared the high-quality IP of this exhibition to the participants. When talking about BabyRiki, he said that the cooperation between the two companies is very smooth. In the next step, King Bee will cooperate with the IP side to increase online and offline investment and continue to launch more high-quality toys together.

Mr. Li zhuoming, President of Guangdong toy association, said that the association has been vigorously promoting the new business model of combining well-known IP and products, and the high-quality toys produced by King Bee Toys and multi-brand have played a great role in increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty. BabyRiki toys "Slide and Swing Treehouse" won the 2019 Chinese and foreign toy awards [annual functional innovation award].