KingBee Leadership

John Tong
King Bee Toys Ltd,   President
Wong Hau Plastic Works & Trading Ltd.   Managing Director

John is actively involved in the toy industry in Hong Kong and China; he serves as:
Chairman, HK Trade Development Council Toy Advisory Committee 2020-2024
Honorary Chairman, Hong Kong Toys Council
Vice President, Toy Manufacturer Association HK.
ICTI, International Council of Toy Industry, Board Member, and Hong Kong Representative

John’s family is involved with school and hospital charitable organizations in Hong Kong and China.

Henry Tong
King Bee toys Ltd.  Director
Wong Hau Plastic Works & Trading Co., Ltd.
Managing Director

Henry is a veteran of the toy and baby products industry in Hong Kong
and China.  He serves as:

Vice Chairman, New Territories General Chamber of Commerce
Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Metropolitan University
Honorary Court Member, Hong Kong Baptist University
Chairman, Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health
Former Chairman, Committee on Home-School Cooperation
Former Chairman, Pok Oi Hospital

Henry actively serves the education and public health sectors in Hong
Kong.  Henry is currently the Supervisor and board member of 24 high
schools, elementary schools, and kindergartens in Hong Kong.  Henry has
been an advisor to the Hong Kong government for education and public
health issues.